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Thursday, December 1st 6:30 pm-- All Souls Church: 16th and Harvard Sts. NW, Washington DC-- LGBTQ+ Community Forum and Book Event with Cleve Jones, author of the forthcoming memoir and analysis entitled WHEN WE RISE-- Cleve worked with Harvey Milk in the 1970s and has been instrumental in subsequent struggles for LGBTQ+ liberation. Professionally, Cleve works in the labor movement, and has always worked to link the struggle against LGBTQ+ oppression with broader movements for social justice.-- This December 1st, on World Aids Day, All Souls Social Justice Ministries and LGBTQIA Souls will partner with Whitman Walker to welcome veteran activist Cleve Jones to talk about his forthcoming memoir and analysis of the struggle for equality. LET US NO YOU ARE COMING ON FACEBOOK: "" { if this link isn't live, try pasting it into your browser}
PROHOMO is now defined in the urban dictionary as "the absolute opposite of nohomo." PROHOMO SOLIDARITY is an initiative embracing a layer of street artists, performers, poets, and activists to popularize hip hop friendly language for expressing solidarity with queer, transgender, lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities... LOOK OUT FOR STREET ART NEAR YOU...