UPROOTING PATRIARCHY: a revolutionary riff

as boys we are told not to cry--told to hold it in--until inner truth gives way to lies...as we grow we learn the rules of a patriarchal order--where sex is a commodity to be owned bought or stolen...not one of us is immune to this toxic refuse...we are raised to be masters--to covet and to use...emotions repressed produce rage turned inward--bringing strife and depression--polluting the waters of creation...through my black and queer eyes i see a path to liberation--we must rise against this system--we must strive for revolution...sculpted and tattoed--thugged out or in drag...we need a polylingual army--gay and straight--queer and trans...the assault of this system on our bodies and our minds--will take generations to repair and will take all the courage we can find...unite against patriarchy--against rape culture--against bigotry...our fly and sexy army can put capitalism in the dustbin of history