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Friday, June 23, 2017


with each passing day the crisis at the top of U.S. society grows more toxic...the satanic cabal occupying the nation's capital is held in check only by our resistance and its tide-like impact on the judicial and congressional wings of power...we are saying NO day after day to the outrageous shock doctrine running wild...but as a movement we need to create space to envision the world we want--we need to define our YES--our zygote of utopia...anarchist and socialist--black latinx and indigenous...trans and queer uniting to build a liberated future--radical imagination is emerging from every pore of our polity...while our so-called opposition party flails--clinging desperately to a failed neoliberal agenda...we build community and deepen relationships that are the foundation of transformative organizing...a zygote is a half-life striving to become whole--a utopia is a vision of an egalitarian future...we need both and we need them now...revolutionary transformation is necessary to uproot the destructive human forces causing climate change--to stop the state-sanctioned assault on black brown and indigenous bodies...the dialectical power of our emerging anarchist praxis is a potent antidote to the proto-fascist forces claiming the throne in babylon...we must summon all of our powers--paying homage to all of our gods and prophets...we must imagine the internal zygote--the living god waiting for karmic resurrection...let our utopian zygotes rise and fly--let our eyes open to the untapped creative energy housed in our minds...we have a world to win and nothing to lose but our chains...we can end this death spiral by building power and imagining a liberated future for our human tribe

Sunday, June 11, 2017

NO JUSTICE NO PRIDE: a new movement for liberation takes shape

on june 10th 2017 dc threw down...trans and queer activists blockaded the pride parade after months of fruitless conversation with the gay elite...this is a movement moment--stonewall was an urban rebellion against homophobia and police oppression...its time to go back to our roots...with the unmentionable president in power, we can't afford to segregate and segment our movements... the movement for black lives rolled deep challenging incarceration, racist policing, and immigrant detention...the struggle continues...tonight i am wired and inspired--its a good place to be...manic zen is upon me and i send cosmic energy to trans and queer folk across our globe to take our liberation into our own hands...i believe that we will win--through solidarity rooted in a deep understanding of the intersectionality of oppression--and of the viscissitudes of capitalist society...on june 10th a flag was planted in the sand-- where this goes from here is in our movement's hands

Thursday, June 8, 2017

UPROOTING PATRIARCHY: a revolutionary riff

as boys we are told not to cry--told to hold it in--until inner truth gives way to we grow we learn the rules of a patriarchal order--where sex is a commodity to be owned bought or stolen...not one of us is immune to this toxic refuse...we are raised to be masters--to covet and to use...emotions repressed produce rage turned inward--bringing strife and depression--polluting the waters of creation...through my black and queer eyes i see a path to liberation--we must rise against this system--we must strive for revolution...sculpted and tattoed--thugged out or in drag...we need a polylingual army--gay and straight--queer and trans...the assault of this system on our bodies and our minds--will take generations to repair and will take all the courage we can find...unite against patriarchy--against rape culture--against bigotry...our fly and sexy army can put capitalism in the dustbin of history

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


divergent tongues are sister rivers to the soul...converging and remolding--making sacred--making whole...of fractions and fractals--of imagined geometries...we envision human futures devoid of earthly misery...polylingual polymaths are the future of our tribe...harnessing disparate talents--dropping beats and looking fly...conjuring quantum computing--the dialectic magnified...reviving and rebooting human dignity strength and pride...the energies of our universe are in focus late at night...when bypo freaks and schizo daughters overdose on starlight...evolutionary theory is more than a guide to what came before...our minds evolve at light speed--craving insight--wanting more...our resistance is vibrant--stoking fires and driving deep...polylingual polymaths are evolving in the tyrant's keep