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Sunday, May 28, 2017


we live in an era of profound cognitive dissonance...ruled by a gang of bigots, thugs, and habitual liars--we resist...rebelling against a looming fascist order...our social system is in a death spiral--the catastrophe of climate change and forced migration becomes more visceral with each passing season...we face the threat of new wars--while still mired in the toxic debris of old ones...the nepotistic ineptitude of 45 brings us close to an existential crisis...either we build power to transform this sick system--bringing regime change home at last...or the craven elites governing our polity will be the harbingers of certain death...there is still hope--and we have subterranean energy and magic on our side...but the clock is ticking--and the death spiral of delusional omnipotence haunts our global human tribe...
--BYPO PHOENIX c) 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017


we meet--we touch--we kiss--we fuck...carnal urge satisfied--but its never enough...liminaly queer--you tempt me to try...but conversion is a chimera--a mirage of the night...eros is a blessing--sex positive redefined...i seek with my tongue a wormhole to your and night--night and day--i long for connection...shining bright in cosmic rays--the moon is my love the one you're with is a noble goal...craving the unavailable leaves me burnt and alone...eros redefined--stars and black realign--karmic powers infuse our lives

Sunday, May 14, 2017


love is a gift--love is a curse...heartbreak leaves me sick--toxic debris is the worst...from wild nights in gotham--to the beaches of zipolite...i've met my karmic match--in the flames that fire when you meet heart has been opened wide--to transcendant transcendant love--to that space where time is frozen...if i ever let you in--if i ever use these are forever under my skin--like a sheath protects a sword...i've wasted time yearning--for men beyond approach...intoxicated by the burning in my heart and in my throat...i knew i was different--by age eight or ten... i acquired queer sentience--seduced the cocks of older and lust--heart and mind--orgasmic thrust--orgasmic and trust in the night--fuel my soul with desire

Friday, May 12, 2017


mystic visions appear--sent by angels above...cryptic circles of light--harbingers of love...eyes wide open--eyes wide shut--lies unspoken for love and lust...hieroglyphics branded hard--deeply rooted in my brain...i may be manic--but i'm far from insane...every shadow in the dark--shimmers incandescent like a prophecies come to mind--new futures coalesce...the neurodiversity of our species is a sacred gift...pathologized so often--derided and dismissed...i wrote about manic zen--and i am feeling it now...readying for the safety of a psych ward--hoping to hone my powers...eyes wide open--eyes wide shut...the cosmos burns bright--blessing our minds with stardust

Thursday, May 11, 2017


we are vagrants and migrants--united by defiance...we swear by mutant creeds--evolving newborn lutte ouvriere--class war in gallic style...flows through intersectional rivers--elevating the marginalized...un ejercito grows transcendant--a global army rising justicia es nuestra alma--black power here and now...infidel or agnostic--atheist or devout...we reignite an intifada--shaking off deadly powers...we must uproot patriarchy--dismantle white supremacy...our people yearn to live-yearn to love-yearn to breathe...the rancid stench of criminality grows more toxic by the day...we face a system out of control--a world in chronic pain...nuestro ejercito infiel can stop this juggernaut in its tracks...inspired by a synergy of tactics--making workers' power a nascient fact....arise ye prisoners of starvation--arise ye wretched of the earth...a titanic struggle is looming--si se puede--oui on peut


indigenous roots meet tectonic rites...physical truth unveiled by the night...i see fire in the moon--radiating solar rays...i crave carnal proof of spiritual ways...cuerpo means body--tattooed by latin hands...we connect eye to eye--we fuck and we dance...erotic charge--fired cosmically...meets the sithian threat psychospiritually...i yearn to be loved--i strive to be is a drug--we always want more...i am wired late at night---digesting new visions...intoxicated by the light--syncing with my nervous gods we have faith--to noble truth we adhere...transgressing mortal laws--letting nirvana reappear

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


life and death--day and night--a phoenix rises--flying high and burning bright...i see fire inside--fire in your eyes--smoldering in darkness--just out of sight...our time on this earth is bounded by time...but memory lives on--psychic power recombines...ageing and fragile--undone by mortality's hand...your guidance will transcend the grave--if we summon the power to understand...mere mortals we are--evolving towards the unknown...death is a cruel teacher--leaving seeds waiting to be much loss--so much pain--so many words left unsaid...cosmic love flies transcendent--burning in the ashes of the dead