it is excruciatingly late and i am wired...thoughts flowing fast like the currents of the nile--pondering the mysteries of consciousness--examining the porous boundary between genius and psychosis...this is not entirely new territory--ever since my first mania i have wondered what to make of all these intense and visceral sensations--inspiring my brain like angels from above...perception of time is relative for all of us--but for my subterranean bypo tribe it is a cosmic fire that needs tending lest it burn wildly out of control...the zen of mania is a deceptive and janus-faced beast--sucking you into delusional fantasy while simultaneously offering its dialectical inverse--profound insight into the psychosocial spiritual and existential questions that haunt humankind...i am profoundly dedicated to transforming our society into one that can amplify neurodiversity--overthrowing the nefarious and self-perpetuating logic of profiteering bigotry and state sanctioned violence...i am also profoundly dedicated to sanity--which is why i have no problem checking in at a trusted hospital to gauge whether my self-analyzed assessment of my place within the torrid manic-depressive spectrum is accurate and grounded...this is becoming a long poem--and i really need to sleep...let me close with an appeal--never be afraid to ask for support--mental health is a human your inner zen and hold fast to the belief that we have yet to discover what wonders our species can achieve nurtured by love and respect--and freed from the shackles of capitalism...we yearn for a classless future--for new and sustainable ways of being--manic zen is a beacon--an aspiration of a mutant tribe