one hundred days of insanity bombast and bigotry...more than one hundred days of resistance--reaching deeper and summoning the best of the human spirit...the quasi-comic spectacle of proto-fascist corporate incompetence would be amusing if the stakes weren't so deathly high...war games in the middle east--saber rattling of atomic dimensions in east asia...tens of thousands converge for climate justice--led by front line communities and fiercely styled by a small legion of vibrant artists crafting flags banners and parachutes...may day will be another day without an immigrant--erecting a proud wall of resistance to the threatening tide of anti-immigrant xenophobia....organizing in the age of trump is an exercise in navigating contradictions...every day there is an urgent meeting or action--some new outrage...the fire of the moment is intense and palpable...but this is a marathon not a sprint--and we must care for ourselves, for our communities, and for those we love if we are to remain sane amidst this maelstrom...we are evolving a hive mind of resistance--a deeply rooted think tank of cosmic proportions...building power to transform by any means necessary--and through all available avenues...our tweets are public and our texts are encrypted...cops can raid our homes and find only a rough outline of the world we want to build--socialism, communism, it what you will--but the truth wears many masks and emerges through subterranean tunnels aspiring to make borders obsolete...we worship the sun--we see angels dance in the moonlight--and our hive mind drives deep building a capacity for social transformation of godlike dimensions