queer and trans--proud as fuck...bashing back and acting up...bigots in power--a satanic cabal...fueling nazi resurgence--holding white minds in missiles unleashed--playing dangerous games...violently reasserting the power of war to resist this assault demands all that we have...the fate of our species is in corporate hands...but our class has a power greater than their atom bombs...we can shut this shit down--let a new world be imagine a classless future we must start with what we have...building relationships and trust--through solidarity and mutual aid... let old dogmas die--let a new praxis fly free...arising like a phoenix from the embers of heart and in mind--in word and in deed...our class must stand united--like deep roots grow from it up and hold it down--build a street art underground...fight for freedom or die in chains--global carnage could be our fate...roots grow deep anchored hard--a new world order grows in our hearts