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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


one hundred days of insanity bombast and bigotry...more than one hundred days of resistance--reaching deeper and summoning the best of the human spirit...the quasi-comic spectacle of proto-fascist corporate incompetence would be amusing if the stakes weren't so deathly high...war games in the middle east--saber rattling of atomic dimensions in east asia...tens of thousands converge for climate justice--led by front line communities and fiercely styled by a small legion of vibrant artists crafting flags banners and parachutes...may day will be another day without an immigrant--erecting a proud wall of resistance to the threatening tide of anti-immigrant xenophobia....organizing in the age of trump is an exercise in navigating contradictions...every day there is an urgent meeting or action--some new outrage...the fire of the moment is intense and palpable...but this is a marathon not a sprint--and we must care for ourselves, for our communities, and for those we love if we are to remain sane amidst this maelstrom...we are evolving a hive mind of resistance--a deeply rooted think tank of cosmic proportions...building power to transform by any means necessary--and through all available avenues...our tweets are public and our texts are encrypted...cops can raid our homes and find only a rough outline of the world we want to build--socialism, communism, it what you will--but the truth wears many masks and emerges through subterranean tunnels aspiring to make borders obsolete...we worship the sun--we see angels dance in the moonlight--and our hive mind drives deep building a capacity for social transformation of godlike dimensions

Monday, April 17, 2017


natural selection--queer resurrection...immaculate conception is an age-old deception...amplify our voices--magnify the choices...if karma is a bitch then feed the bitch some morsels...sexed-up homo thugs--veins infused by cosmic drugs...hit the streets in search of love--copulate with gods above...the shitstorm clusterfuck of the cheetoh-fuhrer--warbucks...breeds an opposition starstruck--with jedi powers--rising up...heed your dreams and meditate--organize and orchestrate...bomb the streets and demonstrate--flash your eyes and dilate...cerebral sex and cosmic head feed the spirit--raise the dead...symbiotic femmes in bed fill the bigots' heads with dread...jesus resurrected makes rebel hearts connected...nazi lies dissected--our species' fate corrected...queer pride burns deep inside--demolishing the bigots' lies...trans power--like a fire--summons angels--flying higher
--BYPO PHOENIX c) 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017


it is excruciatingly late and i am wired...thoughts flowing fast like the currents of the nile--pondering the mysteries of consciousness--examining the porous boundary between genius and psychosis...this is not entirely new territory--ever since my first mania i have wondered what to make of all these intense and visceral sensations--inspiring my brain like angels from above...perception of time is relative for all of us--but for my subterranean bypo tribe it is a cosmic fire that needs tending lest it burn wildly out of control...the zen of mania is a deceptive and janus-faced beast--sucking you into delusional fantasy while simultaneously offering its dialectical inverse--profound insight into the psychosocial spiritual and existential questions that haunt humankind...i am profoundly dedicated to transforming our society into one that can amplify neurodiversity--overthrowing the nefarious and self-perpetuating logic of profiteering bigotry and state sanctioned violence...i am also profoundly dedicated to sanity--which is why i have no problem checking in at a trusted hospital to gauge whether my self-analyzed assessment of my place within the torrid manic-depressive spectrum is accurate and grounded...this is becoming a long poem--and i really need to sleep...let me close with an appeal--never be afraid to ask for support--mental health is a human your inner zen and hold fast to the belief that we have yet to discover what wonders our species can achieve nurtured by love and respect--and freed from the shackles of capitalism...we yearn for a classless future--for new and sustainable ways of being--manic zen is a beacon--an aspiration of a mutant tribe

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


wide awake well past a reasonable hour...i am hypnotized by the moon...full of light--reflecting power...the sky freezes in time as my synapses fire...smoking too many cigarettes...seduced by desire...transfixed and transformed--mind yearning to evolve...seeking hope--seeking strength...angels rise--angels spirit is renewed--cosmic power in my brain...i survived suicide...overcoming psychic pain....we are born to create--ashes to ashes--dust to dust...we strive for liberation...solidarity grows from trust...transfixed by the light--transfixed in the dark...our rebellion flexes muscle...healing traumas in our hearts

Sunday, April 9, 2017


queer and trans--proud as fuck...bashing back and acting up...bigots in power--a satanic cabal...fueling nazi resurgence--holding white minds in missiles unleashed--playing dangerous games...violently reasserting the power of war to resist this assault demands all that we have...the fate of our species is in corporate hands...but our class has a power greater than their atom bombs...we can shut this shit down--let a new world be imagine a classless future we must start with what we have...building relationships and trust--through solidarity and mutual aid... let old dogmas die--let a new praxis fly free...arising like a phoenix from the embers of heart and in mind--in word and in deed...our class must stand united--like deep roots grow from it up and hold it down--build a street art underground...fight for freedom or die in chains--global carnage could be our fate...roots grow deep anchored hard--a new world order grows in our hearts

Sunday, April 2, 2017


class war anarchists--born-again bolsheviks...take the streets--hit or miss--fly as shit--raise your and brown--queer and trans--social justice we demand...corporate power divides our land--a reborn left takes a stand...immigrants defend their rights--taking on the thugs at ICE...fueling spirit deep inside--building power--building pride...artists claim a place on high--creating beauty day and night...rebels clad in epic style--worship love and worship fire...educate and copulate--claim your fate and liberate...celebrate and integrate--craft a future free from hate...theory morphs--evolves or dies--prophets rise--rulers lie...siloed movements realign--cosmic lovers intertwine...lenin had a mind on speed--crafting plans and sowing seeds...revolutionary creeds must grow renew and interbreed...born-again bolsheviks--class war anarchists...crush the nazis in our midst--seize the day and raise your fist