PROPHECY: anthem of resistance

amidst the specter of apocalypse--resistance is seething...people are moving--the planet is breathing...prophets of old meet prophets of rage...flames of rebellion challenge forces of hate...abrahamic creeds meet koranic texts--addicting us to speed--hypnotized by breath...the stakes are ferociously high--our place on earth is at stake...we must live to fight and defy this burgeoning fascist state...prophecy is righteous, noble, and pure--our roots must reach deep into the bowels of the earth...the buddha found nirvana--brahma and vishnu brought one another into being...we must find new ways to organize--we must find new ways of seeing...the flame of resistance burns hard, fast, and long--we must fuel it with oxygen and sing our freedom songs...apocalypse is here in this wretched cabinet of death--in this ban on muslim immigrants--in this vicious border your inner prophet and find your noble truth--we must build a cosmic army--polylingual, fly, and bulletproof