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Friday, June 23, 2017


with each passing day the crisis at the top of U.S. society grows more toxic...the satanic cabal occupying the nation's capital is held in check only by our resistance and its tide-like impact on the judicial and congressional wings of power...we are saying NO day after day to the outrageous shock doctrine running wild...but as a movement we need to create space to envision the world we want--we need to define our YES--our zygote of utopia...anarchist and socialist--black latinx and indigenous...trans and queer uniting to build a liberated future--radical imagination is emerging from every pore of our polity...while our so-called opposition party flails--clinging desperately to a failed neoliberal agenda...we build community and deepen relationships that are the foundation of transformative organizing...a zygote is a half-life striving to become whole--a utopia is a vision of an egalitarian future...we need both and we need them now...revolutionary transformation is necessary to uproot the destructive human forces causing climate change--to stop the state-sanctioned assault on black brown and indigenous bodies...the dialectical power of our emerging anarchist praxis is a potent antidote to the proto-fascist forces claiming the throne in babylon...we must summon all of our powers--paying homage to all of our gods and prophets...we must imagine the internal zygote--the living god waiting for karmic resurrection...let our utopian zygotes rise and fly--let our eyes open to the untapped creative energy housed in our minds...we have a world to win and nothing to lose but our chains...we can end this death spiral by building power and imagining a liberated future for our human tribe

Sunday, June 11, 2017

NO JUSTICE NO PRIDE: a new movement for liberation takes shape

on june 10th 2017 dc threw down...trans and queer activists blockaded the pride parade after months of fruitless conversation with the gay elite...this is a movement moment--stonewall was an urban rebellion against homophobia and police oppression...its time to go back to our roots...with the unmentionable president in power, we can't afford to segregate and segment our movements... the movement for black lives rolled deep challenging incarceration, racist policing, and immigrant detention...the struggle continues...tonight i am wired and inspired--its a good place to be...manic zen is upon me and i send cosmic energy to trans and queer folk across our globe to take our liberation into our own hands...i believe that we will win--through solidarity rooted in a deep understanding of the intersectionality of oppression--and of the viscissitudes of capitalist society...on june 10th a flag was planted in the sand-- where this goes from here is in our movement's hands

Thursday, June 8, 2017

UPROOTING PATRIARCHY: a revolutionary riff

as boys we are told not to cry--told to hold it in--until inner truth gives way to we grow we learn the rules of a patriarchal order--where sex is a commodity to be owned bought or stolen...not one of us is immune to this toxic refuse...we are raised to be masters--to covet and to use...emotions repressed produce rage turned inward--bringing strife and depression--polluting the waters of creation...through my black and queer eyes i see a path to liberation--we must rise against this system--we must strive for revolution...sculpted and tattoed--thugged out or in drag...we need a polylingual army--gay and straight--queer and trans...the assault of this system on our bodies and our minds--will take generations to repair and will take all the courage we can find...unite against patriarchy--against rape culture--against bigotry...our fly and sexy army can put capitalism in the dustbin of history

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


divergent tongues are sister rivers to the soul...converging and remolding--making sacred--making whole...of fractions and fractals--of imagined geometries...we envision human futures devoid of earthly misery...polylingual polymaths are the future of our tribe...harnessing disparate talents--dropping beats and looking fly...conjuring quantum computing--the dialectic magnified...reviving and rebooting human dignity strength and pride...the energies of our universe are in focus late at night...when bypo freaks and schizo daughters overdose on starlight...evolutionary theory is more than a guide to what came before...our minds evolve at light speed--craving insight--wanting more...our resistance is vibrant--stoking fires and driving deep...polylingual polymaths are evolving in the tyrant's keep

Sunday, May 28, 2017


we live in an era of profound cognitive dissonance...ruled by a gang of bigots, thugs, and habitual liars--we resist...rebelling against a looming fascist order...our social system is in a death spiral--the catastrophe of climate change and forced migration becomes more visceral with each passing season...we face the threat of new wars--while still mired in the toxic debris of old ones...the nepotistic ineptitude of 45 brings us close to an existential crisis...either we build power to transform this sick system--bringing regime change home at last...or the craven elites governing our polity will be the harbingers of certain death...there is still hope--and we have subterranean energy and magic on our side...but the clock is ticking--and the death spiral of delusional omnipotence haunts our global human tribe...
--BYPO PHOENIX c) 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017


we meet--we touch--we kiss--we fuck...carnal urge satisfied--but its never enough...liminaly queer--you tempt me to try...but conversion is a chimera--a mirage of the night...eros is a blessing--sex positive redefined...i seek with my tongue a wormhole to your and night--night and day--i long for connection...shining bright in cosmic rays--the moon is my love the one you're with is a noble goal...craving the unavailable leaves me burnt and alone...eros redefined--stars and black realign--karmic powers infuse our lives

Sunday, May 14, 2017


love is a gift--love is a curse...heartbreak leaves me sick--toxic debris is the worst...from wild nights in gotham--to the beaches of zipolite...i've met my karmic match--in the flames that fire when you meet heart has been opened wide--to transcendant transcendant love--to that space where time is frozen...if i ever let you in--if i ever use these are forever under my skin--like a sheath protects a sword...i've wasted time yearning--for men beyond approach...intoxicated by the burning in my heart and in my throat...i knew i was different--by age eight or ten... i acquired queer sentience--seduced the cocks of older and lust--heart and mind--orgasmic thrust--orgasmic and trust in the night--fuel my soul with desire

Friday, May 12, 2017


mystic visions appear--sent by angels above...cryptic circles of light--harbingers of love...eyes wide open--eyes wide shut--lies unspoken for love and lust...hieroglyphics branded hard--deeply rooted in my brain...i may be manic--but i'm far from insane...every shadow in the dark--shimmers incandescent like a prophecies come to mind--new futures coalesce...the neurodiversity of our species is a sacred gift...pathologized so often--derided and dismissed...i wrote about manic zen--and i am feeling it now...readying for the safety of a psych ward--hoping to hone my powers...eyes wide open--eyes wide shut...the cosmos burns bright--blessing our minds with stardust

Thursday, May 11, 2017


we are vagrants and migrants--united by defiance...we swear by mutant creeds--evolving newborn lutte ouvriere--class war in gallic style...flows through intersectional rivers--elevating the marginalized...un ejercito grows transcendant--a global army rising justicia es nuestra alma--black power here and now...infidel or agnostic--atheist or devout...we reignite an intifada--shaking off deadly powers...we must uproot patriarchy--dismantle white supremacy...our people yearn to live-yearn to love-yearn to breathe...the rancid stench of criminality grows more toxic by the day...we face a system out of control--a world in chronic pain...nuestro ejercito infiel can stop this juggernaut in its tracks...inspired by a synergy of tactics--making workers' power a nascient fact....arise ye prisoners of starvation--arise ye wretched of the earth...a titanic struggle is looming--si se puede--oui on peut


indigenous roots meet tectonic rites...physical truth unveiled by the night...i see fire in the moon--radiating solar rays...i crave carnal proof of spiritual ways...cuerpo means body--tattooed by latin hands...we connect eye to eye--we fuck and we dance...erotic charge--fired cosmically...meets the sithian threat psychospiritually...i yearn to be loved--i strive to be is a drug--we always want more...i am wired late at night---digesting new visions...intoxicated by the light--syncing with my nervous gods we have faith--to noble truth we adhere...transgressing mortal laws--letting nirvana reappear

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


life and death--day and night--a phoenix rises--flying high and burning bright...i see fire inside--fire in your eyes--smoldering in darkness--just out of sight...our time on this earth is bounded by time...but memory lives on--psychic power recombines...ageing and fragile--undone by mortality's hand...your guidance will transcend the grave--if we summon the power to understand...mere mortals we are--evolving towards the unknown...death is a cruel teacher--leaving seeds waiting to be much loss--so much pain--so many words left unsaid...cosmic love flies transcendent--burning in the ashes of the dead

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


one hundred days of insanity bombast and bigotry...more than one hundred days of resistance--reaching deeper and summoning the best of the human spirit...the quasi-comic spectacle of proto-fascist corporate incompetence would be amusing if the stakes weren't so deathly high...war games in the middle east--saber rattling of atomic dimensions in east asia...tens of thousands converge for climate justice--led by front line communities and fiercely styled by a small legion of vibrant artists crafting flags banners and parachutes...may day will be another day without an immigrant--erecting a proud wall of resistance to the threatening tide of anti-immigrant xenophobia....organizing in the age of trump is an exercise in navigating contradictions...every day there is an urgent meeting or action--some new outrage...the fire of the moment is intense and palpable...but this is a marathon not a sprint--and we must care for ourselves, for our communities, and for those we love if we are to remain sane amidst this maelstrom...we are evolving a hive mind of resistance--a deeply rooted think tank of cosmic proportions...building power to transform by any means necessary--and through all available avenues...our tweets are public and our texts are encrypted...cops can raid our homes and find only a rough outline of the world we want to build--socialism, communism, it what you will--but the truth wears many masks and emerges through subterranean tunnels aspiring to make borders obsolete...we worship the sun--we see angels dance in the moonlight--and our hive mind drives deep building a capacity for social transformation of godlike dimensions

Monday, April 17, 2017


natural selection--queer resurrection...immaculate conception is an age-old deception...amplify our voices--magnify the choices...if karma is a bitch then feed the bitch some morsels...sexed-up homo thugs--veins infused by cosmic drugs...hit the streets in search of love--copulate with gods above...the shitstorm clusterfuck of the cheetoh-fuhrer--warbucks...breeds an opposition starstruck--with jedi powers--rising up...heed your dreams and meditate--organize and orchestrate...bomb the streets and demonstrate--flash your eyes and dilate...cerebral sex and cosmic head feed the spirit--raise the dead...symbiotic femmes in bed fill the bigots' heads with dread...jesus resurrected makes rebel hearts connected...nazi lies dissected--our species' fate corrected...queer pride burns deep inside--demolishing the bigots' lies...trans power--like a fire--summons angels--flying higher
--BYPO PHOENIX c) 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017


it is excruciatingly late and i am wired...thoughts flowing fast like the currents of the nile--pondering the mysteries of consciousness--examining the porous boundary between genius and psychosis...this is not entirely new territory--ever since my first mania i have wondered what to make of all these intense and visceral sensations--inspiring my brain like angels from above...perception of time is relative for all of us--but for my subterranean bypo tribe it is a cosmic fire that needs tending lest it burn wildly out of control...the zen of mania is a deceptive and janus-faced beast--sucking you into delusional fantasy while simultaneously offering its dialectical inverse--profound insight into the psychosocial spiritual and existential questions that haunt humankind...i am profoundly dedicated to transforming our society into one that can amplify neurodiversity--overthrowing the nefarious and self-perpetuating logic of profiteering bigotry and state sanctioned violence...i am also profoundly dedicated to sanity--which is why i have no problem checking in at a trusted hospital to gauge whether my self-analyzed assessment of my place within the torrid manic-depressive spectrum is accurate and grounded...this is becoming a long poem--and i really need to sleep...let me close with an appeal--never be afraid to ask for support--mental health is a human your inner zen and hold fast to the belief that we have yet to discover what wonders our species can achieve nurtured by love and respect--and freed from the shackles of capitalism...we yearn for a classless future--for new and sustainable ways of being--manic zen is a beacon--an aspiration of a mutant tribe

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


wide awake well past a reasonable hour...i am hypnotized by the moon...full of light--reflecting power...the sky freezes in time as my synapses fire...smoking too many cigarettes...seduced by desire...transfixed and transformed--mind yearning to evolve...seeking hope--seeking strength...angels rise--angels spirit is renewed--cosmic power in my brain...i survived suicide...overcoming psychic pain....we are born to create--ashes to ashes--dust to dust...we strive for liberation...solidarity grows from trust...transfixed by the light--transfixed in the dark...our rebellion flexes muscle...healing traumas in our hearts

Sunday, April 9, 2017


queer and trans--proud as fuck...bashing back and acting up...bigots in power--a satanic cabal...fueling nazi resurgence--holding white minds in missiles unleashed--playing dangerous games...violently reasserting the power of war to resist this assault demands all that we have...the fate of our species is in corporate hands...but our class has a power greater than their atom bombs...we can shut this shit down--let a new world be imagine a classless future we must start with what we have...building relationships and trust--through solidarity and mutual aid... let old dogmas die--let a new praxis fly free...arising like a phoenix from the embers of heart and in mind--in word and in deed...our class must stand united--like deep roots grow from it up and hold it down--build a street art underground...fight for freedom or die in chains--global carnage could be our fate...roots grow deep anchored hard--a new world order grows in our hearts

Sunday, April 2, 2017


class war anarchists--born-again bolsheviks...take the streets--hit or miss--fly as shit--raise your and brown--queer and trans--social justice we demand...corporate power divides our land--a reborn left takes a stand...immigrants defend their rights--taking on the thugs at ICE...fueling spirit deep inside--building power--building pride...artists claim a place on high--creating beauty day and night...rebels clad in epic style--worship love and worship fire...educate and copulate--claim your fate and liberate...celebrate and integrate--craft a future free from hate...theory morphs--evolves or dies--prophets rise--rulers lie...siloed movements realign--cosmic lovers intertwine...lenin had a mind on speed--crafting plans and sowing seeds...revolutionary creeds must grow renew and interbreed...born-again bolsheviks--class war anarchists...crush the nazis in our midst--seize the day and raise your fist

Monday, March 6, 2017


sensuous and ravenous--channelling carnal lust...superstars-erotically charged--arising from cosmic dust...from cher to madonna--from gaga to rhianna...mary charges sia--whitney paid homage to yourself don't repress yourself--an ageless diva once crooned...just like fire belted pink--me'shell delivered a bitter love song to the moon...the rhythms and melodies change--but the subterranean yearning holds strong...for a love that burns transcendant--for peace and justice--for freedom songs...the ancients had their pantheons-polymorphic our age of decrepit bourgeois decadence we live with fragile celebrity...rebellion writhes from within our fractured polity...the force is strong in songs that long for a new reality...we must challenge the bigotry that slams a door to the refugee...that makes trans-folk fear the fist of nefarious policy...we can't vogue our way to freedom--or just dance 'til the fog clears...we can't love S&M in private but stand silent when the right appears...our divas are our anchor--in formation-fierce and feminist...pure beauty like beyonce--clad in black with armored's time to build some barricades--rebellions are built on hope...its time to re-imagine our future--super-fly and utterly dope

Sunday, February 19, 2017

ALCHEMY: the anatomy of revolution

hybrid spirits realign--crafting plans and reading minds...rebels fight and percolate--arming shields with platinum plates...gaga strikes while banksy flies--systems change when graf-heads write...cylon powers reemerge--disparate traditions reconverge...prophecy and chemistry--artistry and alchemy...ministry that never sleeps builds an altar rooted deep...our universe is vast but bounded...our resistance evolves--fierce and grounded...oppressive patters are branded black--in hearts and minds--in law and fact...the sun gives life--water restores...the earth is our mother--sacred fire is our sword...the anarchist imagination runs like a river to the soul...the marxist matrix re-examined, transformed by new words...we need street fighters and street artists--we need analysis sharp as steel...our rebellion must live in the moment--keeping it lit--keeping it real...the future of the future will still contain the past...the legacy of revolutions shows that time goes slow--then goes fast...we are living through a historic crossroads--between diametrically opposed visions for our world...we fight the threat of fascism--we fight for all that's sacred--for karmic rebirth...there are barricades to build--and toxic patterns to be conquered...a polylingual phoenix is rising--from the ashes--cosmically powered...sweet dreams to our growing army--seduce the angels of light and life...spirits bless our growing resistance with a gaze that pierces the dark of night

Saturday, February 4, 2017


my eyes were first met by visions when i was 24...psychic angels connecting smoke and light--earth, body, and sky...floridly manic i flew through central park imagining myself as a primal hunter gatherer...i felt time slow then accelerate--i felt my power...i imagined a destiny beyond time--beyond the parameters of our earthly condition...i felt an all encompassing strength--both subterranean and cosmic--in every sinew of muscle along my spine...i knew there had to be other aspiring jedi among us but i didn't really know where to look...diagnosed two years and several arrests later as manic depressive i felt sudden kinship with many in my mother's mother harriet--dead by suicide before i was father's sister and a growing handful of my organizing and activism i found support--ways of channeling energy and insight into relationships and movement...we must inquire as a species about the double-edged character of psychosocial instability--about the reckoning with mental health and the demons of mental illness...if these beasts were only malignant pathology natural selection would have rooted them out generations ago...but the ailments carouse and multiply...psychiatry's bible--the diagnostic and statistical manual--grows fatter with every passing decade...and there is a documented host of phenomenally creative intelligent and inspired individuals who have had profound impact on our world while living with a diagnosis...i grow more and more convinced there is cosmic truth in most of our visions...the din of voices clamoring in the heads of those living with schizophrenia may be divine whispers guiding our troubled species towards greater connection with alternate realities...we are x-men--mutants arising to destroy the matrix...we are the freemen of dune working for the overthrow of our newly anointed and brown--queer and trans--claiming power and taking space...on reflection it occurs to me that all of our great prophets would be confined to psych wards or imprisoned if they were alive today...what but the seismic force of mania could convince a rational human that they had seen angels or gods who demanded that they speak their truths to the world...our understanding of the brain is still in its infancy...our species must evolve or it will die...we are faced with cataclysmic politics...our economic and social system is on a perilous collision course with the fundamental equilibria demanded by our planet...resistance is growing but the road ahead will be long and hard...psychosocial crisis--pervasive anxiety fear and depression--emanate from the crucible of our existential dillemna...breathe deep and meditate--find your power and copulate...let the flames of rebellion build hope pride and comradery in the face of a proto-nazi regime...i have travelled through chaos and despair--love and heartbreak--flirted with the menacing cliff of suicide...but i have always listened and learned...there are forces in our universe that can embolden us to build a future shaped by love--grounded in solidarity--and permeated by justice...breathe deep and feel the power of your inner god--breathe out and feel the energy connecting your mind to the sun moon and stars...we are not alone in this universe--and if we claim our social and spiritual power we can still win...its been thirteen years since my first manic episode and i am still processing its lessons...let us eradicate the stigma that keeps us from crafting solutions to our collective pain...time is short--we evolve and resist--reimagining revolution and rebuilding social power--if we fail there will be no future for our race on this earth...we need the visionary optimism of the will paired with the sober pessimism of the intellect...destiny awaits--and the revenge of history could be a new dawn of possibility for the human imagination
--BYPO PHOENIX c)2016 >>> primary image by Favianna Rodriguez: @favianna >>

Thursday, February 2, 2017

PROPHECY: anthem of resistance

amidst the specter of apocalypse--resistance is seething...people are moving--the planet is breathing...prophets of old meet prophets of rage...flames of rebellion challenge forces of hate...abrahamic creeds meet koranic texts--addicting us to speed--hypnotized by breath...the stakes are ferociously high--our place on earth is at stake...we must live to fight and defy this burgeoning fascist state...prophecy is righteous, noble, and pure--our roots must reach deep into the bowels of the earth...the buddha found nirvana--brahma and vishnu brought one another into being...we must find new ways to organize--we must find new ways of seeing...the flame of resistance burns hard, fast, and long--we must fuel it with oxygen and sing our freedom songs...apocalypse is here in this wretched cabinet of death--in this ban on muslim immigrants--in this vicious border your inner prophet and find your noble truth--we must build a cosmic army--polylingual, fly, and bulletproof

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


ancient truths and sacred paths...mold our psychic karmic map...serve the earth--gaze at stars...feel your spirit--play your part...we come in peace--armed with love...standing strong against proto-fascist thugs...polylingual human transcendant power--new ways of and brown--white and red...we heed ancestors--bodies gone but never dead...evolution brought us to this place...a race against time--a dance with fate...our destiny is to live proud and free...a classless future--a chance to breathe...while fires burn at standing rock...we take a stand--facing riot cops....this could be our dawn--or a viscous nightmare...may our spirits grow strong--let our chants fill the air...evolve or die--the pixies say...revolutions come when armies give way...we are rebels in to fight--here to shut it down...this sacred work demands all that we have...water is life--and oil is death...our minds are evolving--so stimulated...our brains rewired--reintegrated...the path we tread shines bright with love...our strength deep rooted--our power above...arise ye rebels of babylon...forge a new future--sing a sacred song

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


gods of fire—lords of light…feel the power deep inside…reacting to the mystic flames…crafting art---rewriting names…fueled by wax and gasoline…fueled by speed and nicotine…cosmic input—manic dreams…solar power breeds mutant creeds…light reflected and refracted…meets the eye of karma’s master…insight flows through noble veins…angelic visions—evolving strains…psychic power and social pain…fuel rebellion—forge new blades… queer and trans—gay and straight…sex is sacred—love trumps hate…find your strength deep within…hypnotized by oxygen…build the power to fight and win…rewrite the rules that cage us in…seek support from those you trust…neurons fire—love meets lust…sacred truths find us at night…in the flames and in our minds…gods of fire—spirits of life…fuel rebellion—bring truth to light