protofascist thugs draped in rebel flags--yearn to ban all muslims--and kill the dykes and fags--neoliberal crisis and chronic psychic pain--fuel a right-wing orgy--sick logic gone insane--millions voted for bernie--millions craving change--the hope for our fragile nation is that that power doesn't fade--wall street and its lackeys will strive to keep control--while the streets are filled by rebels: sleek and fly and bold--if love trumps hate on tuesday we may be spared the worst--but love must rise transcendent to tame the corporate curse--let migrants be respected--let artists rise and fly--subvert imperial power--let our globe decentralize--with climate crisis looming the clock is ticking fast--the soldiers of standing rock bar pipelines from their path--evolving social systems breed alternatives--lets socialize the profits: its time to tax the rich--intifada baby--postmodern jihad--find the rebel within--become a living god c)2016 --BYPO PHOENIX