erotic style--transgressive flare--hypnotic fire--synaptic glare-- real men wear skirts--all boys should cry--the cure often hurts--the truth blends with the lie-- butch or femme--black or white--gay or straight--queer phoenix burns bright-- sex is sacred--love is fly--copulation transcends hatred--street artists rule the night-- alt-right in power--neo-nazis on the prowl--its time to unite the persecuted--its time to build an underground-- no mandate for hate--no blank check for war--no time for delay--standing rock is bled raw-- teach to transgress--borders are made to be crossed--stand for the rights of all migrants--flash your sign and go hard-- born-again bigots come to power--in a nation polarized--between forces of good and evil--between demons of hate and angels of light-- --BYPO PHOENIX c)2016