CATACLYSM: post-apocalyptic perspectives

two elections--16 years apart--where a candidate will take the presidency while losing the popular vote--an archaic constitution designed to defend slavery--facilitating modern day political crime--pollsters and pundits all proven wrong by an electorate sufficiently suffused in white supremacy and sexism--and tens of millions deeply unmoved to even participate in what felt like political farce--a billionaire bigot masquerading as the great white hope of the common man--feeding on the the rage, anxiety, and latent prejudice of those left behind by the neoliberal juggernaut--the proud banner of political revolution flew bravely just months ago--but amidst today's tears and psychic paralysis those shimmering hopes seem a distant memory--so its official--hate trumped love--and the most unhinged major party campaign for the white house in modern history stands vindicated--only time will tell how the incoherent components of trump's reactionary agenda will be resolved--slashing taxes for the one percent can only bring carnage to social programs--renewed military build-up may fuel emergent anti-imperial consciousness--we face four years of defensive battles and the threat that the far-right will terrorize muslims, refugees, queers and trans--will the movement for black lives be branded a terrorist threat--will all the pipelines be built over the dead bodies of valiant indigenous defenders of our sacred mother earth--not my president millions cry--protests exploding night after night--but without building power--we will scream in vain--absorbing this defeat is painful and cruel--electoral anxiety becomes apocalyptic depression--the nihilist temptation is visceral and real--we need to breath deep--we need to rebuild--let red and black unite--emboldened by brown yellow and green--unfurl the flags of revolution--stand strong and seek solutions--we face a hard road--we face a proto-fascist horde--but people of conscience are the majority and our voices must be heard--our system is sick--our politics are rigged--stand strong for democracy--rebuild and rejig--last tuesday was a cataclysm--stoked with violent consequence--like the phoenix we must rise--emboldened by karmic consciousness--evolve or die trying--revolt or live lying--from evolution to revolution--nucomintern baby--a cosmic solution >>>> --BYPO PHOENIX c) 2016