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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


speaking truth to a nation addicted to lies--standing strong in a world seduced by the buy--taking a knee and taking the heat--raising a fist and crunking the beat--colin the prophet--black jesus reborn--bringing huey's manic genius to martin's sacred song--black lives under fire--immigrants under siege--psychic forces breathe deeper--conjuring new creeds--the athlete's revolt rejecting decades of code--shut up and play little darkey--colored boy play your role--serena spoke out--bringing justice to the court--nationwide sports rebranded in red, black and gold--genius writhes deep inside every human soul--neurons fire left to right--frontal lobe recombines--body and mind are not opposites--they are one dialectic--black phoenix flies from the ashes--leaving bigots apoplectic... we pray for you brother--may allah give you strength--channel the buddha's sacred mindful righteous path... karma comes unexpected bringing revolution to the fore... feel the bern butterflies--rock the streets queer and proud... unite the fight for a world free of capital's decay--seize the time and secure our precious place on this earth--we have no time for delay--no room for war games--meditate on these words--love and laugh, hope and pray--classwar babydolls--psychic vengeance reborn--end the tyranny of white supremacy--let humanity be reforged... celebrity is to our polity as pantheons were to egypt and rome--colin's power is his beauty--his genius and humble pride... tweet your piece--name your pain--let social movement be reborn--lenin's genius decentralized in a cadre for whom dogma is scorned... black and beautiful like nina--like nicki--like malcolm--colin's body inked and branded in cosmic reflection... black power was the cry of the movements of old--class power and revolution is the zeitgeist of now--bridge the divides that keep our nation red and blue--black and white--the edifice of white supremacy is a cancer that divides... raise your fist bypo freaks--tag a wall and crack a smile--show some love to your sister--a stranger--a bum... colin's power is transcendent--black phoenix unscarred--black jesus everlasting--a revolution in our hearts...

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