bypo's rollin' psychotropic
bombed that wall
before you noticed
raise your fist and keep it focused
hit the streets and roll like roaches

street art flying cyber-wired
scarred barbed and crudely filed
press on nails branded black
spray paint bombed on cyber-blast

hitting streets and rolling deep
showing love and craving peace
brothers, sisters, compas unite
tonight our light is shining so bright

hollaback to the underground
causin a commotion- running this town
rockstars and rebels hold it down
its a celebration- out and proud

radical pride and radical chic
capitalizing on power so deep
monster beats craving a dance floor this fierce
where freedom's evolving, dissolving your fear

all colors all shades
all genders no shame
blood brothers and sisters
go cosmic get twisted

bypo's rollin' hyper focused
born this way to swarm like locusts
taggin signs and doing lines
rock dream city- keep it tight
street art baby day and night
now's the time to rise and fly
rule the streets- tahrir style

evolving dreams and manic screams
compounding exponentially
creating art demanding peace
we fight for justice - no retreat

revolt like an egyptian baby
dc statehood now's the time
the oligarchy's sick and shady
insurgents rise its time to fly