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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BANKSYSTYLE: Monster Family Anthem

gaga's back
rollin hard
takin' names
takin' charge

rollin deep
monster family
spreading love
losing sleep

born this way
queer power
seize the day
milk the hour

love and rage
guilt and shame
make me cry
scream my name

bypo's rollin'
banksy style
taggin' walls
crackin' files

street army
runs this town
holds it down

born this way
here to stay
gay or straight
trans or bi
queers rule
prohomo style

bypo schizo
creative minds
not just disorders

born this way
its anthem time
find your pride
rock the crowd

rockstars baby
deep inside
fuck the fame
but keep the style

phoenix rising
early morn
gaga's stylin'
thrice reborn

not a church
its a family
worship spirit
milk the faith

sit and pray
love and rage
born this way
here to stay

gagas rollin
banksy style
bypo's decoy alibi

MONSTA growin
deep inside
bypo phoenix flyin' high

gay or straight
black or white
civil rights
day and night

arab muslim
or immigrant
funk the lies
claim your rights

born this way
here to stay
fuck the shame
but keep the faith


  1. visual art by FAVIANNA RODRIGUEZ:

  2. thanks to Richard Lee King for helping me refine the title... the original working title was Born This Way, which i realized was potentially readable as an innapropriate appropriation of Lady Gaga's masterful hit song of the same name.... its amazing what creative minds can do together...

  3. keep on with your bad self -- and thanks for sharing!