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Sunday, March 20, 2011


a hundred cruise missiles launched today
1 million each- made in the USA
the ghosts of those dead in the war on Iraq
turn in their graves- show us their backs

how better to mark the anniversary of war
than by starting another and bombing Libya
this is not about justice or democracy
its about control of oil and world mastery

humanitarianism is a thin veneer
through the veil lie motives less immediately clear
once again we will chant: no blood for oil
while profiteers make billions in the business of war

the middle east in revolution- a beacon of hope
US intervention brings a hangman's rope
yoking desire for change to imperial plans
imprisoning freedom under the US flag

operation odyssey dawn is this mission’s name
homeric allusions meet imperialist haze
why not kill the tyrant or reconquer the middle east
pay for blood with branding and put us to sleep

US tanks and bombs
won’t bring liberation
try branding this scam
operation for oil domination

bombs in bengazi-bombs in tripoli
thousands have fled-now millions may flee
how many wars will they fight in our name
how many dead before we rise and say no
how much more blood will be spilled for oil
from the belly of the beast comes a cry of rage


written on March 19th anniversary of the Iraq War and the beginning of Western attacks on Libya


  1. Powerful words, stating a sentiment I am convinced many of us feel. We must stand up and be counted for what we think is right. Keep up the good work. If each of us stood up this would stop :)

  2. At first I thought the push for a "no fly zone" meant less violence and felt faint hope. Now I see it meant a new war, so disappointed and shamed by my non representative government. Thanks for sharing these thoughts so many of us feel but may fear expressing.

  3. JJ-- thanks for your appreciation and for your insight...