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Saturday, September 11, 2010


accepting rejection
dissecting connection
i seek absolution
but crave affection
alone in a jail cell
trapped in a living hell
pain my new master
learning rules faster
limiting creativity
haunted by divinity
battered by humility
ready to live simply
humiliated by reality
shocked by my capacity
still seeking evolution
but within less porous boundaries

EVOLVE or Die Trying

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Drums beat bodies writhe
Strobe lights seduce the eyes
Teeth grind lips defy
Controlling egos undermined

Bass drives treble flies
Little monsters dip and dive
Boys strip grown men cry
Drag queen divas rule the night

Crafty hooks are cyber-wired
Churning souls and touching skies
Emotions soar as vocals rise
House beats ripping through the spine

Hips grind then realign
Sex-starved dancers sweat and pine
Love and lust flirt with desire
Pandora’s box is opened wide

EVOLVE or Die Trying


Night fills my veins
Brain flies rewired
Bordering insane
Neurons flash untired

Praying for creation
Hastening evolution
Beseeching elation
Dreaming of revolution

Blood flows recharged
Eyes blink unthinking
Going out and going hard
Frontal lobe resynching

Hypomanic flying high
Dopamine on overdrive
Emphatically mesmerized
Painfully addicted…
To being more than alive

Evolve or Die Trying

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We rule the night
Armed with paint
Taking walls-scrawling names

Plant a flag-say your piece
Make it rhyme-make it deep
Keep it real-RESPECT the street

Cops on the hunt rolling deep
Repressing speech suppressing peace
Defending the sacred sanctity
Of bourgeois private property

Upset the cart-rise and fly
Empires fall when slaves arise
Solar systems orbit stars
Juntas fall when people rise

For now we roll with subtlety
Dodging cops and scoping streets
But soon we rise in daylight
Armed with words and colored bright

Street art baby- now’s the time
Free speech is not a crime
Democracy is undermined
When billboards rule our eyes and minds

Wars abroad-wars at home
Palestine is walled in stone
Cops are killing brothas daily
Prisons filled with Huey’s babies

Fight with love, armed with rage
Paint markers are our war paint
Street art is not a crime
Speak the truth and buff the lies

A Short History of Racism

Dehumanizing African lives
Rationalizing genocide
Embodied in-law-enshrined in rites
Consuming a nation riddled in lies

It lives in every cop car
Writhes on every cell block
Seeps through Obama’s door
Decimates Iraqi lives

Animates the tea party
Brain-dead proto-fascists
Armed with three bad ideas
But too shameless not to talk shit

Bigotry loves ignorance
Breeds in wells of bitterness
Born to feed the slave trade
Building prisons nowadays

Through the ages great minds observe
That those hurt aren’t always clear
Many see some benefit
In kicking down in ignorance

Frederick Douglass said it best
They divided both to conquer each
Workers of every color and creed
Must build a new insurgency