juh-juh JUST DANCE
to pulsating pokerface rhythms

pink lips on the dealer's ceiling

with alejandro's lil monster
da dit-dit-DANCING in the dark
never far and going HARD

leaving money honey
in your mouth
and dangerous LOVING
in gaga's monsta house

playing ta-tit-tit TELEPHONE
with dirty rich bones
leaving PAPARAZI paralyzed
by pavarati's opal eyes and precious stones

ta-tur-tur TURNING
pretty pubescent boys
into freshly flavored toys
playing love games for FAME
and dancing in the dark

fame is earned by few
and we are GAGA for lady gaga
always raw fresh and new
turning incipid pop culture
into puh-pah-pah POLITICS

sucking neo out of the MATRIX
forging image into reality
making love look like EVERYTHING

kicking the ass
of tawdry pop tarts
taking names
eating your heart
rebranding the game
never falling apart

thousands marched for equality
and gaga was there screaming
(in da houseā€”in da house)

the whole world is watching
a postmodern pop monster is evolving
veiled and voluptuous
sacred and profane
wild and tempestous
QUEEN of love--lady of RAGE

JUST DANCE she said
and we ARE listening
forked tounges glistening
dancing with the dead
with vinyl sex toys
on the bed and in our monsta heads

the MONSTER ate my heart
and gaga is enthroned but never cloned

play your part
watch the beautiful mess
of sensous human flesh
striving for connection
and a fiercer reflection

evolution is unstoppable
another world is possible
and happening now
pa-pu-pu-POW (in da house)

the revolution may not be televised
but it will come in scintillating heels
fakers best recognize
that our remade lives are for real
(New Crobuzon is in da house)

with performance art and paper gangstas
armed to the teeth
with BASS hooks and ghetto blasters
scarred hexed and crudely plastered
combat boots with platinum armor
hitting HARD and getting hotter
making Madonna vogue a little harder

EVOLVE or die trying
REVOLT or live lying
photograph my mind
and battle plans you will find
dopamine on the rise

its gonna be ok
the monster army will have its day
M-O-N-E-Y is fly
But lives are precious
and hope won't DIE

EVOLVE or die trying
REVOLT or live lying
photograph my mind
and battle plans you will find
Dopamine on the rise

do it right
go to far
RULE the night
seeking truth

(monsta inda house- remade party on the bounce)

words, beats, and aural collage
EVOLVE or die trying

Samples from Lady Gaga, China Mieville, queer theory, and ancient iconography

(copyright issues, while often real, generally get in the way of creativity)


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