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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


gods of fire—lords of light…feel the power deep inside…reacting to the mystic flames…crafting art---rewriting names…fueled by wax and gasoline…fueled by speed and nicotine…cosmic input—manic dreams…solar power breeds mutant creeds…light reflected and refracted…meets the eye of karma’s master…insight flows through noble veins…angelic visions—evolving strains…psychic power and social pain…fuel rebellion—forge new blades… queer and trans—gay and straight…sex is sacred—love trumps hate…find your strength deep within…hypnotized by oxygen…build the power to fight and win…rewrite the rules that cage us in…seek support from those you trust…neurons fire—love meets lust…sacred truths find us at night…in the flames and in our minds…gods of fire—spirits of life…fuel rebellion—bring truth to light

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

REST IN POWER: a karmic force awakens

sister carrie—brother george… gone too soon—traumatic scourge…pop culture icons—speaking truth…proclaiming faith—freedom’s root…a force awakens—deep inside…jedis evolve—within our minds…cosmic power—psychic pain…self-medication is longevity’s bane…we need their powers to battle the SITH…who will claim the throne—threatening planetary death…armed with love—fueled by rage…we will build a rebellion—sleek, fly, and inflamed…you lived your lives—with grace and pride… wrestled with demons—of heart, soul, and mind…bipolar carrie—troubled george…your presence will be missed—but your work will live on…rest in power—rest in peace…fallen angels you are—your genius flies free

Monday, December 26, 2016


love and rage—hope and pain…branding fame—transforming shame…the show goes on—the struggle rebuilds…superstars transcend—armed with fire and shields…circle A’s and branded B’s—mark turf in DC…aspiration is burning—a people yearning to breathe free…queer pride and trans-flair—migrant rights and black power…we destroy and rebuild—insurgents rising at ungodly hours…the climate crisis is now—nuclear war is a threat—no room for collaboration with trump’s resurgent cult of death…the time for action is now—time to build power to transform…the embers of capitalist decay—breed a revolutionary storm…clad in black we will rise—styled like vixens of cylon breed…keffiyas and balaklavas draped like regal accessories…anarchy is order—a new world within our hearts…revolutionaries rise—a subterranean fire awaits a cosmic match
--BYPO PHOENIX c)2016 "Anarchy is Order" design by PKRO >>

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


love is pain--branded black--across your soul--across your back... eyes so blue--so dangerous--suggesting love--inducing lust... damaged beauty--like icarus--your brain a slave--to angel dust... janus faced--you led me on--i did my best--you did me wrong --BYPO PHOENIX c)2016

Friday, December 9, 2016


resurgent bigotry demands insurgent solidarity... queers without fear--rising proud far and near... ancient rites--modern pride... burning bright--deep inside... queer power--riot porn... this is the hour--queer jihad arise reborn... burning embers from stonewall... gave birth to rainbow flags... trump's apartheid wall--torn down by troops of proud migrants, dykes, and fags... queer jihad--a global struggle for liberation--classwar babydolls--from insurgency to revolution --BYPO PHOENIX c)2016

Friday, November 25, 2016


from genocide to echocide--as protest mounts big oil lies--pipelines through sacred ground--threaten rivers--threaten lives--hordes of thugs in riot gear--unleash their dogs--react with fear--water cannons in freezing air--threaten death to tribal seers--from little rock to standing rock--the arc of justice never stops--climate change is here and how--insurgents rise--loud and proud--millions reject the president elect--indigenous tribes demand respect--climate denial fuels profiteering--trump is a liar and rebellion is seething--this echocide is a racist crime--pipeline builders eye the bottom line-- as a people our nation must rise--solidarity with the tribes who fight for their lives--climate justice amplified--unite the fight to stop the right--standing rock is a battle ground--where attack dogs are sicked on hope and pride--unite to stop this genocide--empires fall when movements rise

Thursday, November 24, 2016


erotic style--transgressive flare--hypnotic fire--synaptic glare-- real men wear skirts--all boys should cry--the cure often hurts--the truth blends with the lie-- butch or femme--black or white--gay or straight--queer phoenix burns bright-- sex is sacred--love is fly--copulation transcends hatred--street artists rule the night-- alt-right in power--neo-nazis on the prowl--its time to unite the persecuted--its time to build an underground-- no mandate for hate--no blank check for war--no time for delay--standing rock is bled raw-- teach to transgress--borders are made to be crossed--stand for the rights of all migrants--flash your sign and go hard-- born-again bigots come to power--in a nation polarized--between forces of good and evil--between demons of hate and angels of light-- --BYPO PHOENIX c)2016

Monday, November 14, 2016


so now the bigot-in-chief claims a mandate... after seizing the presidency based on an archaic constitution designed to defend human bondage... and some of our leading liberal lights now counsel patience... besieged but highly paid labor leaders pledge to work with the billionaire maverick on trade... but it is too late for soothing words... neonazi forces are confident and are taking aim at the most vulnerable among us... emboldened by calls to build a wall on our southern border... an arbitrary line established by theft of mexican land... by derision of immigrant workers as rapists and criminals... undocumented and unafraid--thousands have come forward to proclaim their right to migrate--to defend human rights conferred by divine karmic right... the sexism and misogyny of the man who will never be my president have been gut-wrenching... and now he stands poised to appoint justices who could enshrine the right of rich white men to play god with the lives of black, brown, and poor women... as trump and putin conspire to partition the middle east, we must build a global anti-imperial resistance... we must stand strong for black, brown, trans, and queer lives... we must defend the right to abortion--and challenge corporate power root and branch--prefiguring our future while building class power in the present... the stakes are too high for a peaceful transition... we will disrupt trump's coronation--we will grind his parade to a halt--demanding education not incarceration--demanding money for universal health care instead of war... and we will deepen the bonds of solidarity and mutual aid--the sustaining roots our communities will need to survive... trump represents class war on an epic scale... and a regurgitation of the worst of our world's most satanic ideological sewage... no peaceful transition... we will build resistance... no peaceful transition... we will transform this sick social system

Friday, November 11, 2016

CATACLYSM: post-apocalyptic perspectives

two elections--16 years apart--where a candidate will take the presidency while losing the popular vote--an archaic constitution designed to defend slavery--facilitating modern day political crime--pollsters and pundits all proven wrong by an electorate sufficiently suffused in white supremacy and sexism--and tens of millions deeply unmoved to even participate in what felt like political farce--a billionaire bigot masquerading as the great white hope of the common man--feeding on the the rage, anxiety, and latent prejudice of those left behind by the neoliberal juggernaut--the proud banner of political revolution flew bravely just months ago--but amidst today's tears and psychic paralysis those shimmering hopes seem a distant memory--so its official--hate trumped love--and the most unhinged major party campaign for the white house in modern history stands vindicated--only time will tell how the incoherent components of trump's reactionary agenda will be resolved--slashing taxes for the one percent can only bring carnage to social programs--renewed military build-up may fuel emergent anti-imperial consciousness--we face four years of defensive battles and the threat that the far-right will terrorize muslims, refugees, queers and trans--will the movement for black lives be branded a terrorist threat--will all the pipelines be built over the dead bodies of valiant indigenous defenders of our sacred mother earth--not my president millions cry--protests exploding night after night--but without building power--we will scream in vain--absorbing this defeat is painful and cruel--electoral anxiety becomes apocalyptic depression--the nihilist temptation is visceral and real--we need to breath deep--we need to rebuild--let red and black unite--emboldened by brown yellow and green--unfurl the flags of revolution--stand strong and seek solutions--we face a hard road--we face a proto-fascist horde--but people of conscience are the majority and our voices must be heard--our system is sick--our politics are rigged--stand strong for democracy--rebuild and rejig--last tuesday was a cataclysm--stoked with violent consequence--like the phoenix we must rise--emboldened by karmic consciousness--evolve or die trying--revolt or live lying--from evolution to revolution--nucomintern baby--a cosmic solution >>>> --BYPO PHOENIX c) 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016


protofascist thugs draped in rebel flags--yearn to ban all muslims--and kill the dykes and fags--neoliberal crisis and chronic psychic pain--fuel a right-wing orgy--sick logic gone insane--millions voted for bernie--millions craving change--the hope for our fragile nation is that that power doesn't fade--wall street and its lackeys will strive to keep control--while the streets are filled by rebels: sleek and fly and bold--if love trumps hate on tuesday we may be spared the worst--but love must rise transcendent to tame the corporate curse--let migrants be respected--let artists rise and fly--subvert imperial power--let our globe decentralize--with climate crisis looming the clock is ticking fast--the soldiers of standing rock bar pipelines from their path--evolving social systems breed alternatives--lets socialize the profits: its time to tax the rich--intifada baby--postmodern jihad--find the rebel within--become a living god c)2016 --BYPO PHOENIX