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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


shock doctrine on overdrive--producing billions and endangering lives...corporate greed with no oversight--lacerating care and magnifying blight...we resist day by day in pursuit of a dream--we persist in this fight however futile it seems...we demand something more than this neoliberal wasteland--we demand equality for every woman and every man...the toxic refuse we confront becomes increasingly clear--we face renewed threats of war--ultimate annihilation seems meet the threat of climate catastrophe--to counter the specter of nuclear war...we will need revolutionary vision--we will need a spiritual core...president 45 is a class war kamikaze--taking aim at everything not moored in resist we will need an army of street art vixens styled and empowered with cylon grace--trans and queer, black and brown--armed with love and holding it down...feeling a subterranean rhythm--building the power of the underground

Monday, July 17, 2017


anchored deep in my soul--lies a desperate lover waiting to be made whole…i crave the touch of a sexy beast—i pine with angst and gritted teeth…if sex is carnal and love is pure—my brain is hardwired to always want more…the spirits of the night are fleeting and fierce—the moment of climax gives a taste of release…my past is littered with bodies that my hands have explored…my mind is cybernetically crafted to fuck what i adore…in the homoerotic verse that i craft late at night lies a monster queer phoenix waiting to take flight

Friday, July 14, 2017


trans and queer—standing strong—crafting pride with freedom songs…erasing division and healing old wounds—our phoenix flies high—coming hard and soon…the drum beat of revolution is subterranean and fierce—our army grows with polished nails and gritted teeth…the power of karma is deep rooted and visceral—transforming raw recruits into assassins with pistols…sleek and sexy--we specialize in fornication...we don't die we multiply--drawing sustenance from pure elation...we are the pink jacobins—proud and fierce like the panthers…pink jacobins ride hard training street fighters and go-go dancers

Sunday, July 9, 2017


rockstar rebels with hip hop cred—infusing the fire with the blood of the dead…fighting for justice and keeping it real—subverting the logic of armies of steel…inked up with tattoos that seduce virgin eyes—painting a canvas as spirits arise…synced to the beat of a house beat amped up—dying to live and living to fuck…hermanos by blood or subterranean desire—finding ways to move feeding orgasmic fire…karmic gods reemerge again and again--the zen of anarchy evolves towards manic zen...erotically fired and cosmically wired--our army grows strong on the milk of desire...we live to rebel and to celebrate resistance—our struggle won’t end until we transform this sick system

ONYX: an erotic dialectic

rising high and owning the night—queer rebels fuck and scream in delight…reclaiming our pride and eluding denial—sex is nothing if its not a little wild…the pathology of bigotry is insidious and cruel—luring far too many into its incipid cesspool…in claiming a type to define desire—we allow oppressive norms to confine and rewire…a new queer rebellion must reclaim solidarity—elevating the onyx tribe—celebrating latinx lives…erotically charged our army grows strong—seducing new leaders and crafting new songs…like onyx we grow hard—like onyx we envelop the light…the dialectic of queer expression brings liberation to the dark of night

Saturday, July 8, 2017


limbs and torso lithe and tight--sexed up bodies burning bright...cosmically powered karmic flight--erotically charged karmic nights...mind and body fused as one--glean from the moon the power of the sun...fight for justice--rise as one...resist the tyranny 45 has begun...cylon sluts in fly attire--build strength to fight and rise up higher...super computers map desire--firing neurons to burn like fire...we twist our bodies--dance and writhe...feeling the power of the beat tonight...breathing deep in pursuit of insight--we find nascient gods being born inside...night and day--love and rage...we build our power and own our pain...hope and change faced with toxic rage--inspire resistance to the neoliberal state...cylon sluts and agents of karma--unite to fight for an earthly nirvana...building power and taming the drama--conjuring the power of a polylingual madonna

Friday, July 7, 2017


erotic minds intertwine—copulate and realign…sexy beasts—leather bound—move to the sound of the underground…butch or femme—genderqueer—rise as one and crush your fears…sing the songs of joy and pride—free the demons leashed inside…we live in cataclysmic times—can’t fuck our way to freedom—but we can certainly try…we were born to live—born to love—born to worship gods above…born to rim—born to fuck—born to shake the system up…a cyber-phallic warrior posse is rising up to confront the Nazis…following the lead of trans women of color we reclaimed pride through actions this summer…hyper-ballad on overdrive—leaves the senses ripped and wired…ready to dance—ready to writhe—ready to unleash the beast deep in your spine…one cock is a blessing but two are better—we turn boys into men and reimagine gender…the cyber-phallic phalanx you see is an anticapitalist army coming into being

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


what is the meaning of independence day to the more than two-million incarcerated...a day to dance with brutal irony--a day to feel the burn of being isolated...some wounds never fully heal--leaving searing pain waiting in the wings...some scars send their roots deep--welding mind and body into a tortured every jail cell the survivors of criminal injustice make their mark...carving names into wrought iron beds--leaving echoes of jackson pollack on the walls...our current regime aims to amplify this criminalization--to deport thousands of immigrants--to purify the white nation...last fall thousands of prisoners came together to strike...we must build solidarity with this resistance--and build the movement for black lives...battle scars cut deep--for the indigenous--for the brown and black...the scars of never-ending trauma brand like lashes on our backs...but once recognized, scar tissue can be fertile ground for healing--we turn our pain into power, as community fuels our cosmic convening...scar tissue marks our past, but it can also mark our future--we can gather strength from old wounds if we relearn how to love and to nurture
--BYPO PHOENIX c) 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017


with each passing day the crisis at the top of U.S. society grows more toxic...the satanic cabal occupying the nation's capital is held in check only by our resistance and its tide-like impact on the judicial and congressional wings of power...we are saying NO day after day to the outrageous shock doctrine running wild...but as a movement we need to create space to envision the world we want--we need to define our YES--our zygote of utopia...anarchist and socialist--black latinx and indigenous...trans and queer uniting to build a liberated future--radical imagination is emerging from every pore of our polity...while our so-called opposition party flails--clinging desperately to a failed neoliberal agenda...we build community and deepen relationships that are the foundation of transformative organizing...a zygote is a half-life striving to become whole--a utopia is a vision of an egalitarian future...we need both and we need them now...revolutionary transformation is necessary to uproot the destructive human forces causing climate change--to stop the state-sanctioned assault on black brown and indigenous bodies...the dialectical power of our emerging anarchist praxis is a potent antidote to the proto-fascist forces claiming the throne in babylon...we must summon all of our powers--paying homage to all of our gods and prophets...we must imagine the internal zygote--the living god waiting for karmic resurrection...let our utopian zygotes rise and fly--let our eyes open to the untapped creative energy housed in our minds...we have a world to win and nothing to lose but our chains...we can end this death spiral by building power and imagining a liberated future for our human tribe

Sunday, June 11, 2017

NO JUSTICE NO PRIDE: a new movement for liberation takes shape

on june 10th 2017 dc threw down...trans and queer activists blockaded the pride parade after months of fruitless conversation with the gay elite...this is a movement moment--stonewall was an urban rebellion against homophobia and police oppression...its time to go back to our roots...with the unmentionable president in power, we can't afford to segregate and segment our movements... the movement for black lives rolled deep challenging incarceration, racist policing, and immigrant detention...the struggle continues...tonight i am wired and inspired--its a good place to be...manic zen is upon me and i send cosmic energy to trans and queer folk across our globe to take our liberation into our own hands...i believe that we will win--through solidarity rooted in a deep understanding of the intersectionality of oppression--and of the viscissitudes of capitalist society...on june 10th a flag was planted in the sand-- where this goes from here is in our movement's hands